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I honestly forgot that I created this blog. So instead of letting it RIP 💤 I'm bringing it to life and sharing the ins and outs of my writing life, which includes my triumphs and struggles of writing the first draft of a cozy mystery to self-publishing a series of haiku books, and children stories. But before I continued —you can also follow me on my social media platforms, and my official website www.tishbouvier.com. Be sure to sign up for my Newsletter I sometimes sent to my readers.

My plan for this blog is to express myself in the purest form of self-discovery. You see, I've taken a detour in my life from being a mom, wife, nurse, etc... the list goes on. My roles will never change but since I've retired as a hospice nurse I decided to dab into the depths of my imagination and write. A friend encouraged me years ago to take part in NaNoWrimo and that's when I earned the title of a latent writer. Growing up, reading and writing was a chore and I didn't want any part of it.

Well well, it's been over three decades for a change to take place. I live vicariously through the pages of a good book. And I write every day and host 'Write With Me' live on my YouTube Channel to make myself accountable and encourage other writers to push words forward. Why? Because we all got a story to tell and you never know who your written words may resonate with.

With my writings, I want to grab the heartstrings of my readers and never let go. I want them to engage in all their emotions and feel that life is about living, even through the pages of a book. In my stories, I also want to enlighten my readers on things about my culture, my ancestors, give honor to my family, plant the seed of God in their hearts without preaching a sermon, and bring awareness to a current crisis in our society—an awakening on something they had no idea existed.

I use to be a closet writer, secretly writing stories here and there and putting my manuscripts away—sometimes trashing them. But that's changed too. I find pleasure in sharing my thoughts through my writings. I'm here to openly expose my creative side (sometimes it goes off the realm of reality, but that's what makes good fiction), and share bits and pieces of myself in my stories. You never know who I'm going to kill in my cozies lol.

My haiku is also an expression of who I am as a minimalist. I appreciate the simplicity of life in its complexities. I want my readers to take the time and enjoy the silence in spite of the noise, and to feel the presence of God in the busy world we live in. In all sincerity, I just want my readers to take a moment to appreciate and breathe in daily miracles.

And finally, in my children's stories, which is a genre that surprised me because I never had the inkling to write a children's story until Josie the Ballerina Dreamer appeared in my thoughts. I'm trying to decide if I want to go the traditional route with my children's books or self publish. Regardless of which route of publishing I will feature children of color, and children with disabilities because I feel there's a need to represent diversity with books that kids can relate to.

WOW! I guess I had a lot to share, but before I leave I also want to let you know I host Write Coffee & Repeat Podcast on Spotify. If you would like to be a guest let me know by filling out the contact form on my website (PODCAST GUST) I would love to help you share your presence including your book with the world. And one last thing, on my blog I'll feature an Author Spotlight, book reviews, haiku, writing tips, videos, and anything related to my writing journey.

If you would like to help support my writing journey, and my efforts in paying it forward to other aspiring writers, become one of my Patreon.

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