• Tish Bouvier

September Take Me Away

Welcome to your September, I can’t believe it’s that time of year again. And FALL is just around the corner. I love waking up with a good cup of coffee and sitting outside on my patio, listening to the wind chimes sing as a crisp breeze dance across my backyard. I also love observing at the changing colors of the leaves, drifting through the air like a kite before finding a resting place for the season. I get so lost in my thoughts just watching nature at its best, reflecting upon the simplicity of life, the beauty of God’s presence.

September also welcomes a variety of aromas from pumpkin spices to apple cinnamon in my favorite flavor of a latte, and a homemade apple pie. September waves goodbye to summer, especially this year when our world stood still because of a pandemic that changed the course of our daily life, and the lives of those forever gone from our presence. September offers a new beginning, a fresh renewal for you to embrace and appreciate the moments in a constant evolution of change. September is the reflection of HOPE.

September take me away... Godspeed!


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