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How to Write A Novel Using the Snowflake Method 10 Step in 10 Days Series | Step Two

A reader expects excitement from a writer, especially in a good cozy mystery or any other fiction. And when you think of a three-act-structure for your story, instead, call it a three-disaster-structure. Why? Because disaster drives excitement, and result in a decision, which changes the direction of a story.

What a brilliant concept. Who wants to read a boring story about characters who play it safe by staying in their comfort zone. So this is not just a concept, it’s a method applied when you outline using the Snowflake Method.

Step Two: Snowflake Method

Write One-Paragraph Summary of your story.

*Include the following

  • Explain the backstory and introduce one or two major characters

  • Summarize Act 1 ending with your first disaster * this will cause your MC to commit to the story

  • Summarize the 1st half of Act 2 ending with your second disaster * this will cause your MC to change their thinking and change the direction of the story

  • Summarize the end of Act 2 with your third disaster * this will lead your MC and Villain commit to the end of the story

  • Summarize Act 3, which will lead to the final showdown of your story *either your MC will succeed or fail. Ending your story with a happy ending or a bittersweet ending.

The Purpose of Step Two

To make sure you story has a three-act-structure, with three strong disasters and a clear premise.

Happy Writing ~


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