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How to Write A Novel Using the Snowflake Method 10 Step in 10 Days Series | Step Seven

Step 7: Write a Character Bible for Each Character

Is you story Character Driven or Plot driven? Characters are the ones who drives your plot so getting to know your characters skin deep will help you create a stronger plot making your story interesting to read.

Areas of focus to include in our character bible

  1. Physical Information —name, age, birthday, weight, height, physical description..

  2. Personality Information — personality type, sense of humor, favorite music...

  3. Environmental Information — description of home, education, work, family...

  4. Psychological Information — childhood experiences, how they see themselves...

Benefit of Step 7

The benefit of step 7 is to give you a place to save all the little details about each character. You can refer to your character bible throughout your story to help keep who they are afresh in your mind. And if you’re writing a series, you won’t get confused of their names, personality traits or anything that applies to your characters throughout the book/series.

Happy Writing~


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