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How to Write A Novel Using the Snowflake Method 10 Step in 10 Days Series | Step Five

If you notice after doing step one thru five of the Snowflake Method we alter between your plot and your characters, each time we go deeper into the story. And the Snowflake Method helps you think about things you hadn't worked out yet, but each step allows you to fill in the gaps.

Step Five: Snowflake Method

Write a Character Synopsis for Each Character

When you write your character synopsis explain what makes them the way they are, and what do they want out of life. Explain their role in your story and how they push your plot forward. Dig deep into your character's life and find out who they are below the surface, and any traits or habits that contribute to their persona.

Benefit of Step Five

The Benefit of step five is to go skin deep into your characters personality and behavior. This step will help you see things you didn't see before, and fill in some gaps as you work out a few interconnected plots between your characters. Remember you character is what drives your plot throughout the story.

Happy Writing ~


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