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I've always said there's nothing wrong in tooting your own horn. TOOT TOOT! I'm Tish Bouvier, author and haiku poet. The spotlight is on me! My book Echoes and Whispers haiku for NaNo writers available on Books2Read a venue where you can purchase from your favorite ebook store.

Author Bio:

Hi, I'm Tish Bouvier (pronounced Boo-vee- ei). I'm a retired hospice nurse, married to my hubby for 28 years, and together we have three amazing daughters. I'm a latent writer who grew up thinking reading and writing was a chore. And it took me three decades to finally embrace reading for pleasure, and writing with a passion. Writing haiku is something I do daily. It awakens my soul to the simplicity of every day miracles, the ones we tend to take for granted. And writing haiku has become apart of my early morning writing rituals to help silence the noise so I can listen to the whispers, which is the concept of writing Echoes and Whispers.

Inspiration behind Echoes & Whispers: haiku for NaNo writers

I love the simplicity of Japanese poetry in the format of 3 lines, 5-7-5, 17 syllables. I had challenged myself to write a haiku for 30-days during April's Camp NaNoWrimo in 2019. Each haiku served as a writing prompt to avoid staring at a blank screen. Once the 30-days was over I decided to compiled my haiku into a book. I wrote a brief introduction of what to expect each week and tips to help writers push words forward, followed by a daily haiku. This was my way of helping writers dismiss their inner editor, writer's block, and keep their writing momentum moving forward because their story matters.

My Favorite haiku in Echoes & Whispers; haiku for NaNo writers

The first one... because it's a feeling most writers participating in NaNoWrimo feel on day1— the excitement is high and our ideas are still vividly fresh in our minds.

anticipation chaos silence by whispers scattered thoughts captured

Purpose of a haiku

To share a brief moment or event so the readers can bring to life in their mind, to experience what the author is expressing without physically being there.

haiku 俳句 6 Fun Facts

  1. haiku is used as both singular and plural nouns

  2. haiku is never capitalized

  3. haiku does not contain metaphors or symbolism

  4. haiku is not intended for discussion

  5. haiku focus on imagery

  6. haiku is intuitively linked to human condition

Book Blurb Ignite your muse and STOP starting at a blank screen Echoes and Whisper: haiku for NaNo writers paints a brief, though vivid picture written in the simplicity of 5-7-5 format. Each haiku serves as a writing prompt to help writers and poets taking part in NaNoWrimo filter out the noise and listen to the whispers of forgotten memories, abandoned secrets, and a passing thought. Available on Amazon Kindle and Books2Read

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