I’m a latent writer who didn’t grow up appreciating the creative side of my imagination. As a child, I felt reading and writing was a chore. It wasn’t until I retired as a hospice nurse when a friend encouraged me to take part in NaNoWrimo, a global organization for writers to write 50K words in 30 days. Initially, I didn’t think that was possible until I wrote my first story, and shared it with a few friends and family.

I remember it was a sensual story about a vampire who could make you feel her touch at a distance. I based my story upon the concept of virtual reality before becoming real in the world technology — it’s so dated now. The facial expression and the sounds of ahhh and ohhh I knew my written words excited my readers. Their feedback aside from the grammatical errors were positive. They said they experienced the emotions and felt the sensations of my characters as though they were in the story.

However, it took me 5 decades to embrace both reading and writing. NaNoWrimo is where I discovered a passion for writing haiku and cozy mystery. I wrote my first ebook Echoes and Whispers Haiku for NaNo Writers, to help writers, especially those new to the journey, and anyone taking part in NaNoWrimo  to ignite their muse and push forward one-word, one sentence, and one page at a time without losing their writing momentum.

My goals as a writer are to entertain and enlighten the hearts of my audience. And to pay it forward by being an inspiration for other writers, and encourage them to breathe life into their stories.



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